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Online Stuttering Therapy

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My name is Lauren Brown.

I'm a paediatric speech pathologist, childhood stuttering specialist and the owner of Stutter Free Kids.


For over 12 years I have supported families to help their children speak stutter free using the highly effective Australian stuttering treatment, The Lidcombe Program. Throughout my years of treating, I started to notice a pattern in the amazing children I worked with. The vast majority of children I saw for stuttering, were consistently impacted by their internal and external environment and it was negatively impacting the success of treatment.


When their internal or external world was overwhelming, their stuttering was worse. When their inner and outer world was calm and stable, their stuttering was better. This pattern led me down the path of learning everything I could about child psychology, neurological development and sensory processing sensitivity. What I found was a clear link between stuttering and Highly Sensitive Children. 


This new understanding of this vital link meant a shift from traditional treatment to a 'whole child' approach to stuttering. It meant that in addition to the Lidcombe program, treatment must also be supportive of secure attachment, healthy brain development and an understanding of Highly Sensitive Children and neurological overload.


I now take great enjoyment in educating on and advocating for the healing power of play, connection, brain care and managing sensitivity and overload to ensure the success of stuttering treatment. If your child is stuttering, finding out if they are highly sensitive is the best place to start.


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When to seek treatment

Many children who start stuttering will grow out of it without treatment. Unfortunately it's difficult to know which children will and which children will not. There are a number of RED FLAGS you can use to help you to know if you should seek treatment now or 'support and see'. If your child demonstrates any of the below red flags, now would be a good time to book your free 20 minute consult call.

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Why Choose Lidcombe Online?



Have access the most effective program for childhood stuttering, no matter where you are within Australia or New Zealand.


Improve treatment comfort and ease for you and your child by completing sessions from the comfort of your home. This is especially beneficial for Highly Sensitive Children.


Improve session attendance by removing the need for travel.


Transfer your newly learned skills easily to home practice by using your child's own books and toys while receiving parent training.


In January 2019, our daughter who had always been advanced with her speech, developed a stutter - literally overnight. It was distressing for her, and for us as parents, to see our daughter struggling to communicate – something she’d always done so well. Not ones to watch and wait, we had her assessed by a speech pathologist and then commenced the Lidcombe program with Lauren Brown. The scenario was very daunting to begin with, no one wants their child to struggle with adversity and given speech is such a fundamental skill, we were 100% committed to doing whatever it took to help her.


Our daughter takes a while to warm to new people, but quickly established an excellent connection with Lauren. She is fantastic with Amelia and equally so, to us as parents. She explained our role with the Lidcombe program and helped us to ensure we were confident in delivering it in the home environment. Lauren has provided us with so much more than speech therapy. She identified characteristics in Amelia which were traits of a highly sensitive child and all of the sudden, so much made sense. Her high sensitivity was linked so closely with her speech. Once this was identified, not only could we work with the Lidcombe program, but we could implement other strategies to reduce stimulus which would often worsen her stutter. We’ve been able to adapt our parenting style to better suit the needs of our child. Not only have we learnt how to keep Amelia’s stutter under control, but have a plethora of tools which help maintain the environment she needs to continue with her beautiful smooth speech. Now, 21 months later, you would not believe that our daughter ever had a stutter.

- Jayne Stevenson



Initial Consult


This session will give you a deeper understanding of the cause and nature of stuttering, your child’s individual stuttering behaviours and empower you with the knowledge of what you can do about it. 


In your initial 75 minute consultation we will gather all the relevant information about your child’s developmental and communication history and the nature and severity of your child’s stutter. This session will largely be carried out alone with you the parent, with a portion of time allocated for talking with your child to observe their stuttering behaviours. Once we gather all the important information, we will then discuss your child’s eligibility for treatment and what you need to know about the Lidcombe Program.


Treatment Session


Treatment sessions are designed to teach you the parent how to treat your child's stutter everyday from the comfort of your home.

In your follow up 45 minute treatment sessions you will learn to track your child's individual stutter and how to tailor the Lidcombe Program specifically to your child's fluency and sensitivity needs. You will attend these sessions with your child, which will allow you to demonstrate how your home practice has been working between sessions and provide the opportunity to practice with your child with the books and toys your child loves with the support of my expert guidance. 


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